First week!!!!!


Hello, readers!!!

Because we decided to do this blog in our second week here we will summarize our first week here in Linz.

Was a little hard at first because we didn’t know each-other so well but after a week everybody talks with everybody.

We received a bag with a lot of things and because i don’t want to start to describe what we received i attached a photo for you.:):):)

And because we are 9 women , i’ll offer you some thoughts that we shared this week ,hope you enjoy them!!!

‪#‎psst2013 Today was the first day of presentations and i learned a lot of new things about youtube-edu , moocs , popular social networks , feedback ,whitebord or digital pen. I learned interesting things in a day . Thank you guys, for your presentations !!!!!(Oana)

Intensive programm concerning education and technology had started!(Diana)

‪#‎psstIP Let’s play games…….Serious games.(Marina)

Reflection on the first day of #psst2013 There’s nothing like meeting new but interesting people.

2nd day #psst2013 I was sure education developed a lot in the last year but I am amazed by things like QR codes, interactive technology, etc

3rd day #psst2013 I really hope Ro will invest more in integrating the social platforms, live streaming and teacher tube in the ED system.

4th day #psst2013 I really enjoyed every word that was presented concerning technology, I just hope technology will not replace the teacher.

5th day e-Portofolio, GoAnimate and Cloud Computing seem really useful tools. Can’t wait to work with them, especially e-Portofolio.

6th day – SIG day It was a very fruitful week. I’ve heard a lot of new info and I hope I also learned from it. Next step will be using it.

8th day #psst2013 Ro day. The impact of technology, art therapy, visual training and an approach to auditory-verbal education through PC.

9th day #psst2013 Riejka’s turn. I already knew about wikis&blogs, but podcasts&hd conferencing are kinda new for me. Another fruitful day!

 (Oana Bogdan)

‪#‎psst2013 In my opinion ePortofolio must be used more often by all teachers because it emphasizes the importance of both process and product.It’s also very important that each student must reflect on his own work.(Cristina)

‪#‎psst2013 Another beautiful day passed.Today I learned a lot of interesting things about SERIOUS GAMES, VOKI, and ADAPTATION ICT FOR CHILDREN WITH LEARNING DIFFICULTIES.(Cristina)

‪#‎psst2013 Today I learned a lot of interesting things. I enjoyed to find out new thinks about DOCUMENT CAMERA, INTERACTIVE VOTING SISTEM , DIGITAL PEN AND INTERACTIVE PAPER, YOUTUBE EDU, SCREEN CAPTURE AND LANGUAGE LEARNING PLATFORMS.I hope that I will have the chance to use them.It was also interesting to learn that SOCIAL NETWORKS like Facebook or Twitter can be useful in educational process.(Cristina)

‪#‎psstIP Media means newspapers, TV, radio. ok. We can point on the photoreport, on that photos with great impact, that sensitizes the people, if we talk about education. As an idea….

‪#‎psstIP MUDRI-GoAnimation-ePORTFOLIO-CANVAS. So…everything depends on the rules, on the teacher, on the students , on the course….anything else? St. Technology has developed so much, that it is possible and a full head transplant. I must transfer my reflections on psst, I don’t know when. (Diana)


My name is right. Copyright.  ‪#‎psstIP(Diana)

‪#‎psstIP Yeah, two fruitful days! I took some interesting idea from Ingūna Melne, and I gave it my own meaning. Being a student again reminds me about doing crazy things (crazy in a good way, of course), with enthusiasm. Excitement with inspiration, motivation and a ”little” creativity. Being a teacher, too. (Diana)   ”

These are our thoughts during the first week. We had our cultural evening where we had a lot of fun . We work together with Latvian team and we all did a great job. We sang ,danced , ate chocolate and we learned new things about Latvia. I hope people learned things about Romania too.

We will try to update this blog as soon as we can because we want to share because like you maybe know “If you don’t share, it doesn’t exist!!!”


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